Real Experience.

Proven experience creating jobs
As a doctor here in Southwest Georgia for more than 25 years, Dean has created dozens of jobs. He has proven he knows how to run a business and balance a budget. Dean will rely on that experience to promote economic growth.


I am a Physician by profession and have dedicated my life to serving others. Currently health care consumes 20% of our state budget. I believe that my experience as a practicing Physician provides me with the knowledge and experience to lead on this issue, to improve your access to quality medical care and to insure that these dollars are spent wisely.  I will be the only doctor in the entire state senate.

Owner of family-managed cattle herd
As the co-owner of a family-managed cattle herd, Dean has a personal commitment to farming and agriculture in Southwest Georgia. His father grew up on a farm and passed on the values of hard work and loyalty to Dean. As our Senator, Dean will protect our family farms and our water.

Bainbridge City Council

For 7 years I have worked in my home community to balance our budget, to prevent any increase in taxes and to keep utility rates among the lowest in the state.  I have worked to eliminate government imposed barriers to building a small business or to growing an existing one.  The best government is a limited one that provides vital services and insures everyone equal and fair access to the market.

Lower Flint Water Council

As a member of this council, I had the opportunity to work with many leaders of agriculture, industry and local government to make sound plans to ensure that we continue to have access to the clean water we need to grow our crops, power our industry and serve our local needs.  There is perhaps no issue more important to our region than water policy.  My experience in this area will insure that we don’t cede our right to the limited interest of the environmental special interest groups.

Physician Workforce Board

 In 2012 Governor Deal honored me with an appointment to the Physician Workforce Board to insure that all Georgians enjoy access to quality medical care.