Effective Leadership is the Difference

BAINBRIDGE, GA-January 24, 2013-Today, Dean Burke announced his growing support by way of several endorsements from law enforcement leaders. Four of the eight sheriffs in District 11 endorsed Burke’s campaign citing the need for effective leadership. This includes Sheriff Al Whittington of Colquitt County, Sheriff Wiley Griffin of Decatur County, Sheriff W.E. Bozeman of Mitchell County, and Sheriff Heath Elliott of Seminole County.

“Having watched Dean Burke operate as a local city councilman and knowing the reputation he holds in our community as an individual who can work well with others, I feel he is the best equipped candidate to be an effective leader for us in the Georgia Senate,” said Sheriff Griffin.

“We need Dean Burke as our next State Senator to ensure that the needs of our district have an effective voice at the Capitol. He understands the burdens of unfunded mandates that are often passed down to the local level and will work to prevent them,” said Sheriff Whittington.

“I’m honored to have the support of these trusted and well respected community leaders. They know better than most, the day-to-day struggles our families face. I’m thankful for the confidence they have placed in me,” said Burke.

These sheriffs committed to getting their supporters to the polls on February 5th in support of Dean Burke.